Take Control Of Your Health

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  • Schedule and reserve appointments online with your credit card. Your credit card will only be charged on the day of your appointment

  • Fill out office and medical history forms online seven days prior to appointment.

  • Follow-up appointments may be in-office or via telephone.

What’s Included in the Consultation

  • 90 minute initial visit.  45-60 minute follow-up visits.

  • Extensive analysis of your medical history.

  • Physical examination and Functional Medicine assessment.

  • Evaluation with traditional and functional medicine laboratory tests (salivary, stool, urine, & blood tests).

  • Treatment with nutrition, supplements, lifestyle changes, and medications.

  • Personalized health plan and patient education.

M.D. Specialized in Functional Medicine & Nutritional Medicine

Online Scheduling & Access to Medical Records

Convenience of Office Visits and Telephone Follow-Ups

Services Not Provided Include:

Pediatric care (<18 years), In-office laboratory testing, Male or female genitourinary exams, Prescription for controlled substances, weight loss drugs, or inappropriate antibiotics (e.g. for colds, cough, flu, etc.), Management of psychiatric medications