Temptation City….this is what I call various houses or offices where there always seems to be an ample supply of baked goods, candy bars, little treats to tempt my will power. Today, on Valentine’s Day, everywhere I go appears to be a form of Temptation City.

The struggle is real folks. I am not immune to it. There are people who think I have such will power. But what they don’t realize is I am a recovering junk food addict! I have to stay awaaaayyy….far far awayyyy.

But today, as my eyes rested upon the brightly colored cookies and donuts, I had no urge to stuff some into my purse and eat in secret. I didn’t look around to see who was around and stealthily grab some and run to my office. I felt good. Satisfied. No urge, no cravings.

Why? How? Well, I went to bed early. I didn’t spend hours surfing the net late into the night. I did my aerobic dance workout pretending to be back-up to Justin Timberlake so that it was more like a HIIT workout. I did some weights and squats. I ate a ton of vegetables and fruits this week. I left out the sugar and processed junk. I got early to pray and read my Bible. I played with my son without thinking about all the work I had to do. I was present. I enjoyed. I felt extreme gratitude.

See, I thoroughly enjoy the dopamine surge I get when I indulge in a sweet treat. It makes me feel good. But then it quickly fades and I crash. So instead I got my lasting satisfaction through exercise, time with family, micronutrients, my faith.

Fighting Temptation City is not easy. But you can do it. Choose the better. Choose what gives you long-term results. I walk the same road as you, friend. You can do it.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Dr. Mathews